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Two days before starting your HCG diet, it is suggested that you eat as much high-fat and high-caloric foods that you can, including meats, cheeses, nuts, pastries, and chocolate. Eating high-fat foods will help yield the best results possible. Overloading on high-caloric foods will help your body transition into a low-calorie diet and help avoid the feeling of fatigue and hunger during the first few days. This step is very important, and patients who do not follow this step may experience more difficulties during the HCG diet, especially during the first week. You will receive an HCG injection on the second day of the loading phase.


This phase spans from the second day of HCG reception until the last day of HCG injections. During phase 2, it is important that you weigh yourself each morning before you eat. You must strictly adhere to the caloric limit you were given and administer a daily HCG injection. You will only be allowed to eat foods and drinks that have been cleared by Ageless MD and are considered an official part of the HCG diet. During the HCG diet, you must drink a large amount of water. We suggests a minimum of 2 liters a day. This amount of water will help flush unwanted toxins and fat cells that are circulating in your body.


The main goal of this phase is to maintain the healthy weight that you have achieved through the HCG diet. It is vital that you continue to follow the caloric restriction and diet strictly for the next 3 days. Although the HCG injections have stopped, there should be enough of the hormone in your body for you to successfully remain on the low-calorie diet.