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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Miami

Hormone therapy is the use of hormones to treat and restore hormone balance within the human body. Hormone imbalance can occur for a variety of reasons but is most associated with aging. Symptoms of hormone imbalance that we can effectively treat with hormone replacement therapy at our clinic in Miami include hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, anxiety, weight gain, muscle loss, joint pain, poor sleep, and more. 

At Amore Skin our practitioners exclusively offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy integrated with functional medicine practices to help patients overcome the negative symptoms of hormone imbalance, as well as experience wellbeing and better health as they age. Our practitioners customize individual hormone imbalance treatments in Miami to suit the unique needs of each patient’s personal medical history, health status, and lifestyle preferences. 


Biote Pellet Therapy:

The hormones used in Biote’s Method of BHRT are delivered to women and men in pellet form, and within up to two to four weeks, patients may begin to feel hormone therapy benefits. Some report feeling the full benefits of BHRT after the second insertion. The hormone replacement therapy treatment we offer in Miami have helped numerous women and men regain their hormone balance and optimize their testosterone levels.



Are you looking to slow down the signs of aging?


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